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Albuquerque is an active, thriving, culturally rich, sustainable, high desert community.

Dear Albuquerque Residents,

The Albuquerque Progress Report (APR) is issued every two years and shows Albuquerque's progress toward reaching a set of long-term goals, established with the input of its residents. Since 1995, our residents have convened every two years to determine and define Albuquerque's goals. The goals are categorized into eight areas, and each goal is further clarified through positive statements called desired community conditions. As you know, having goals is important in life. Yet, how do we know if we're reaching our goals? To answer this question, your Mayor and City Councilors have jointly appointed a citizen group called the Indicators Progress Commission (IPC). Our job is to measure how well Albuquerque is progressing toward its goals, by designing and reporting on indicators that tell us how close we are to achieving each desired community condition. We also convene a biennial Goals Summit to obtain feedback from residents focusing on at least three goals. In July 2018, the IPC hosted four meetings in each quadrant of the city attended by over 300 participants. Some feedback received on three goals—Public Safety, Economic Vitality and Environmental Protection—included addressing equity and inclusion, looking at the root causes of crime and recognizing the need to address climate change issues. These changes were incorporated into a revised and adopted city resolution in November of 2018.

The APR highlights key indicators of progress. In measuring progress, Albuquerque's latest data is important, but it's also helpful to see the community's trend over time and how Albuquerque compares to regional peer communities and to the nation at large. The IPC has summarized this information—by goal—with a scorecard. An up-to-date version of this report can be found at abqprogress.com. Keep in mind, the APR measures community-wide progress. While the City of Albuquerque is a primary stakeholder, there are additional stakeholders involved in achieving our eight strategic goals, including schools, universities, health care providers, businesses, other governmental agencies, non-profits and individuals. Data is an important component of our daily decision making process. In the spirit of transparency and openness, we've communicated to you not only those areas where Albuquerque's trend is desirable, but also where it's undesirable. If you see areas that need better indicators, or if you have ideas to improve Albuquerque's progress toward achieving its goals, please contact us at abqprogress@cabq.gov.

Albuquerque Indicators Progress Commission

  • Frank Roth, Chair
  • Monica Abeita
  • Enrique Cardiel
  • Mark Gilboard
  • Deborah Good
  • Donna Griffin
  • Ariel Herring
  • Diane Harrison Ogawa
  • Jessie Hunt
  • Kendra Montanari
  • Amy Overby
  • Bruce Perlman
  • Wendy Wintermute

Contact Us

We welcome your assistance and feedback in reporting on Albuquerque's progress towards reaching our goals. If you have questions for us or recommendations for data measures, email us at abqprogress@cabq.gov. We value your input.

Goal 1 | Human & Family Development