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Albuquerque is an active, thriving, culturally rich, sustainable, high desert community.

Desired Community Conditions By Goal

Goal 1 | Human & Family Development

People of all ages have the opportunity to participate in the community and economy and are well sheltered, safe, healthy, and educated.
  1. Residents are literate, skilled and educated.
  2. All students graduate from high school and are prepared for a career or post-secondary education.
  3. Residents are active and healthy.
  4. Residents have access to medical and behavioral health care services.
  5. Families are stable and economically secure.
  6. Affordable housing options are available throughout the city.
  7. Seniors live with dignity in supportive environments.
  8. Seniors engage in and contribute to the community.
  9. Residents are informed of and protected from public health risks.

Goal 2 | Public Safety

The public is safe, secure, and shares responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.
  1. The public is safe.
  2. The public feels safe.
  3. Public safety agencies are trustworthy, effective, transparent, and accountable to the communities they serve.
  4. The community works together for safety.
  5. Domestic and wild animals are appropriately managed and cared for.
  6. The community is prepared to respond to emergencies.

Goal 3 | Public Infrastructure

The community is adequately and efficiently served with well planned, coordinated, and maintained infrastructure.
  1. The water and wastewater system is reliable and meets quality standards.
  2. The storm water system protects lives, property, and the environment.
  3. High speed Internet is accessible and affordable throughout the community.
  4. Integrated transportation options meet the public's needs.
  5. The street system is well designed and maintained.
  6. Sustainable energy sources are available.

Goal 4 | Sustainable Community Development

Communities throughout Albuquerque are livable, sustainable and vital.
  1. Parks, open space, recreation facilities and public trails are available, accessible and strategically located, designed and maintained.
  2. A mixture of densities, land uses, and pedestrian friendly environments is available throughout Albuquerque.
  3. The downtown area is vital, active, and accessible.
  4. Mixed-use areas with housing, employment, recreation, and entertainment exist throughout Albuquerque.

Goal 5 | Environmental Protection

Protect Albuquerque's natural environments - its mountains, river, bosque, volcanos, arroyos, air, and water.
  1. Air, water, and land are protected from pollution.
  2. Water resources are sustainably managed and conserved to provide a long-term supply and drought reserve.
  3. Solid wastes are managed to promote waste reduction, recycling, litter abatement, and environmentally-responsible disposal.
  4. Open Space, Bosque, the River, and Mountains are preserved and protected.
  5. Residents participate and are educated in protecting the environment and sustaining energy and natural resources.

Goal 6 | Economic Vitality

The community supports a vital, diverse and sustainable economy.
  1. The economy is diverse.
  2. The economy is vital, prosperous, sustainable, and strategic, based on local resources .
  3. There are abundant, competitive employment opportunities.
  4. Entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes develop and prosper.
  5. Albuquerque is a place where youth feel engaged and believe they can build a future.

Goal 7 | Community & Cultural Engagement

Residents are engaged in Albuquerque's community and culture.
  1. Residents engage in civic, community, and charitable activities.
  2. Residents engage in Albuquerque's arts and cultures.
  3. Albuquerque celebrates and respects the diversity of its people.

Goal 8 | Governmental Excellence & Effectiveness

Government is ethical, transparent, and responsive to its citizens. Every element of government contributes effectively to meeting public needs.
  1. All city employees and officials behave ethically.
  2. City of Albuquerque participates in mutually beneficial cooperative relationships with other governments.
  3. City government and its leaders are responsive to Albuquerque's citizens.
  4. Government protects the civil and constitutional rights of citizens.
  5. Customers conveniently access city services, officials, public records, and information.
  6. Financial and capital assets are maximized and protected and reported accurately and timely.
  7. City employees are competent and well-trained to deliver city services efficiently and effectively.
  8. The work environment for employees is healthy, safe, and productive.

Goal 1 | Human & Family Development