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Parked police vehicles

Albuquerque Progress Report
Public Safety

The public is safe, secure, and shares responsibility for maintaining a safe environment.

Albuquerque Police Department

Why is this goal important?

When a person thinks of public safety, the Police and Fire departments immediately come to mind; we expect emergency response times to be fast and crime rates to be low. However, the responsibility for a safe Albuquerque, in reality, is also the responsibility of all its citizens. Citizens are involved every day in making decisions with safety in mind.

What are desired community conditions?

By design, the goal areas are broad, so we've further clarified them with positively worded statements called "desired community conditions." These are statements that describe specifically what conditions would exist if the respective goal is achieved. For example, under the goal area called "Human and Family Development," a desired community condition is for Albuquerque to have "Educated, Literate, and Skilled Residents". Below are a list of indicators to measure progress on these desired community conditions.

What can we tell from the data?

  • According to the FBI website, the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) property crime rate rose in 2015 after falling the previous year. Similarly, the MSA violent crime rate rose in 2015, after falling in 2014, still below 2008 FBI MSA crime rate. A recent study suggested that a small number of criminals were responsible for the recent increase in crimes and the Albuquerque Police Department and the Bernalillo County District Attorney's Office are working collaboratively to find solutions to reduce crime rates based on these findings. The MSA covers the 4-county metropolitan area of Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia.
  • Despite the increase in crime rates, 95 percent of Albuquerque residents feel safe outside during the day, and the majority of city residents, 77 percent, feel safe outside at night, according to a citizen survey conducted in 2015.
  • Emergency dispatch times have continued to improve reaching 1.86 minutes due to increased staff training and new dispatch software that automates the dispatcher question process.

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