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Albuquerque Progress Report
Environtmental Protection

Protect Albuquerque's natural environments - its mountains, river, bosque, volcanoes, arroyos, air, and water.

Bosque Trail

Why is this goal important?

Driving solo to work versus sharing a ride, choosing to throw that empty plastic bottle in the recycling bin or trash can�these are all choices that can profoundly affect the protection and enhancement of our natural environments. As Albuquerque residents, we should be concerned about the availability and quality of our water, the quality of our air and the preservation of our land for the health of our families and future generations.

What are desired community conditions?

By design, the goal areas are broad, so we've further clarified them with positively worded statements called "desired community conditions." These are statements that describe specifically what conditions would exist if the respective goal is achieved. For example, under the goal area called "Human and Family Development," a desired community condition is for Albuquerque to have "Educated, Literate, and Skilled Residents". Below are a list of indicators to measure progress on these desired community conditions.

What can we tell from the data?

  • Albuquerque leads its peer communities in clean air and open space, making Albuquerque one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the country.
  • Air quality in Bernalillo tends to stay consistent throughout the years. Compared to our regional neighbors, our air quality is often better, based on EPA criteria, and has been on track with improvements made nationally. Maintaining a focus on air quality and the protection of public health is important to the city's Environmental Health Department.
  • The city's open space as a percentage of city land, at 23%, is among the highest in our peer group with 27,463 dedicated park acres.
  • Our city's residential recycling rate and waste landfilled per person per day have a desirable 5-year trend. The residential recycling rate has more than tripled from five years ago to almost 20 percent putting us in the middle of our peer group. The city saw a significant increase after the city's Curbside Recycling program switched from plastic bag pick-up to Recycle Carts in 2014.
  • Albuquerque continues to make progress in conserving water, as evidenced by the decrease in gallons of water used per capita, per day over the last five consecutive years.

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