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Albuquerque government buildings

Albuquerque Progress Report
Governmental Excellence & Effectiveness

Government is ethical, transparent, and responsive to its citizens. Every element of government contributes efectively to meeting public needs.

Albuquerque City Planning

Why is this goal important?

Citizens want their government to be helpful, cost effective, transparent and accountable.

What are desired community conditions?

By design, the goal areas are broad, so we've further clarified them with positively worded statements called "desired community conditions." These are statements that describe specifically what conditions would exist if the respective goal is achieved. For example, under the goal area called "Human and Family Development," a desired community condition is for Albuquerque to have "Educated, Literate, and Skilled Residents". Below are a list of indicators to measure progress on these desired community conditions.

How is Albuquerque Doing?
2017 Albuquerque 2016 El Paso 2016 Oklahoma City 2016 Tucson

What can we tell from the data?

  • Protecting taxpayers resources, including financial and capital assets, is paramount to achieving an accountable and cost effective government. The city demonstrates this desired condition by continually seeking ways to minimize expenses, maintaining a strong credit rating, and producing timely and clean annual financial audits.
  • A responsive government is just as important as a transparent one. The city�s 311 Citizen Contact Center provides residents easy access to quality information and service requests. The city�s 311 Citizen Contact Center call quality average is 89%, which is above the benchmark rate of 88%.
  • Innovation within city government is necessary to help improve services to its citizens. In order to do more with less, government must work smarter, not harder. A few of the innovative initiatives that the city has implemented include:
    • In 2015, Mayor Richard Berry launched a program to teach 100 city employees how to think like entrepreneurs and learn the entrepreneurial mindset. That mindset is the set of skills and attitudes that entrepreneurs and innovators use to identify opportunities and overcome challenges. To date, the city has had 227 employees participate in the program.
    • Over the last five years, the city has placed a major focus on greater use of technology and automation in our external and internal services. These include the implementation of e-procurement, expanding our open data and data visualization capabilities, and working with local tech partners on innovative civic apps, including the city�s 311 app, which allows citizens to report problems right from their smart phones, saving everyone time.

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